Do you Hate your Job? | Kit Grant Rant #2 | Motivational speaker

]Kit Grant asks “Do you hate your job? Counting the days to retirement? Why are you still there? ” If you don’t like where you work now…then change! “Who’s forcing you to stay?” Watch the video… Thanks for viewing Kit Grant – Motivational Speaker Kit Grant is known world wide as a Motivational Read more

Motivational Speaker | Kit Grant | Take Action

Kit Grant asks ” aren’t you amazed at how many people are waiting until things get better?” The only time anything will change is when you decide to take action.  If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll probably end up someplace else. Watch the video and let me know what you think…send me […] Read more

Interview with Kit Grant | Funny Speaker

by Kit Grant From: What do people gain from your keynotes? • recognition of personal responsibility and how it influences all their consequences when they make a choice • understanding that there are almost endless opportunities available outside their comfort zones • they have a chance to “lighten up” a Read more

Funny Speaker | Kit Grant | What Recession?

by Kit Grant Kit asks “What recession?” Did you know that “recession” also means “opportunity”? Watch the video and send me your comments. Kit’s dynamic style combined with humor has positively influenced thousands of people in 15 countries on 4 continents to implement strategies that impact both personal and Read more

Funny Speaker | Enthusiasm and Purpose | Rocky View Schools | Review

By Kit Grant It is with great pleasure that I am providing the following letter of support for Mr. Kit Grant. Over the last several years, I have had the opportunity to engage Kit in a number of speaking opportunities for a wide range of diverse audiences. In each and every instance, he has been […] Read more

Lakeview Thanks Kit Grant

By Kit Grant Dear Kit, On behalf of Lakeview Management Inc and the 2012 General Managers’ Conference organizing committee please accept our most sincere thanks for your entertaining and informative presentation. Both the pace of your presentation and humorous approach resulted in our being a captive audience from beginning to end.  Your Read more

CNIB-See Beyond/go Beyond Gala

By Kit Grant On behalf of the management and staff at CNIB – Alberta/NWT, I would like to thank you for being our key note speaker at our See Beyond/Go Beyond Gala on November 23, 20011. The presentation, ‘ Still Flailing After All These Years’ , was relevant to our group and really made our […] Read more

What Are You Worth?

By Kit Grant A woman in Paris spots Picasso in a cafe. She begs and pleads him to sketch her…he finally relents, whips out his pad and draws a sketch of her. She’s delighted. “How much do I owe you?” she asks. “$5,000″ he replies. “$5,000!” she exclaims. “But it only took you 2 minutes!” Read more

Health & Safety Kick-Off with Kit Grant

By Kit Grant Our organizing committee received the following comments: The presentation is still being talked about and generating excitement! Greatly enjoyed the presentations. Not only did you help educate individuals about the personality and originality of people, but also me. Enjoyed insights, humor and positive outlook…contagious Read more

Confusion About Win/Win-Funny Speaker

By Kit Grant If you are in sales or service, you have been exposed to the concept of WIN/WIN outcomes. Instead of looking at relationships with customers as a contest with only one “winner”, we are being told to look for opportunities for both parties to WIN. This is, of course, in direct conflict to most of […] Read more

Funny Speaker-Emotional Labor

by Kit Grant The Funny Speaker asks “Are you getting better or worse?” Service !! Who really cares anymore? Are you getting better or worse as a service provider? Would you do business with yourself even though alternatives existed? What constitutes above average customer service that will set you apart from all competitors? Kit Read more

Keynote Speaker Kit Grant says “Innovate or Perish?”

by Kit Grant Keynote speaker Kit Grant asks “are you getting better or worse?” Have you discovered some things which worked in the past are not as effective, if at all? Are your customers more demanding, your prospects more questioning and your suspects increasingly clever at “hiding”? These are just a few of the questions Read more
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